Holiday Spirit Lighting is a Seattle-based holiday light-hanging company. We ran a Facebook lead generation campaign to increase their holiday customer list and delivered over 5X ROI.

Hog Wild Toys brought us on to build and execute the entire brand strategy to market the Tony Hawk Box Boarders toy brand for an exclusive launch at Walmart.

We strategized, built and executed the entire pre-launch campaign to seed the Magnekai email list, test creative ads and validate the marketing process prior to the official e-commerce launch.

Just The Cheese hired Levelhed to prepare a complete brand analysis and deliver copywriting content for each of their product styles including brand names, taglines, headlines, descriptions and more.

We helped build the original Stikbot marketing strategy for foreign markets, particularly those in Latin America. We converted content into Spanish and ran the digital marketing campaigns in those markets to drive YouTube traffic and boost sales.


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