No Sun.
No Lights.
No Problem.

Nightball’s revolutionary Pulse LEDs make it the brightest nighttime sports balls to continue playing well after the sun goes down and the lights turn off. Even better than glow in the dark! Their collection includes LED basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, softballs, baseball bats and more! With high bounce performance and impact-activated LEDs, the game never ends with Nightball.

Tangle hired Levelhed Creative as a long-term strategic partner to do multiple things:

1. Rebrand Nightball to appeal to an older demographic to compete in the youth LED sports category.

2. Redesign and relaunch B2C website to improve customer experience and grow online sales.

3. Develop new content for social media pages and grow online presence by running targeted digital campaigns to drive B2C traffic.

Sun Down.
Ball Up.
The best practice while the rest are asleep.

Levelhed’s digital campaigns on Facebook drove a 7% CTR (click-through-rate) far outperforming the Facebook standard of 1.5% CTR. This resulted in lots of additional traffic, sales and notoriety for Tangle’s online store.

There redesigned packaging was well received by all their key sporting goods retail partners like Dick’s, Academy, Sportsman’s Warehouse and more.

The Tangle Creations Instagram account grew by 67% in less than three months throughout our organic and paid campaigns.