Stikbot is a stop motion animation toy that has become a YouTube phenomena with over 500MM views and 1MM subscribers around the world.


While at Zing, the founder of Levelhed Creative, Levin Nelson, played a pivotal role in the success of Stikbot.

Levin was in charge of app development – a key aspect of the product’s play pattern. With stop motion video editing and green screen technology, the app was an instant hit and has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of kids in multiple countries and languages.

Levin also launched Stikbot’s most successful international channel, Cuartel Stikbot in South America. All of our different brand launches in Latin countries consisted of targeted YouTube advertising at a time when toy manufacturers were not investing heavily in YouTube marketing, allowing us to achieve cost-per-click (CPC) bids under $1.00, which is extremely effective ad spend.

Unlike traditional digital advertising of 30-second toy commercials, our advertising budget consisted of animated trailers of Stikbot YouTube content, hooking the viewers with entertainment instead of a quick sell and product description.

Stikbot has grown to become one of the most successful toy brands on YouTube and has sold millions of pieces in the US and abroad.

“Levin wrote the package copy, web copy, catalog and TV scripts for Zing Toys over several years. Now we continue to use his services through his agency, Levelhed Creative. Levin understands the customer, the competition and the core brand values that we strive to uphold in every aspect of our product message. He is more than capable to deliver exceptional copywriting for toys and other industries. Highly recommended.”

– Josh Loerzel, Vice President

Zing Toys