LMAO is a game designed for dirty minds.

Can you keep a straight face?

LMAO is an adult game all about trying NOT to laugh! But when it’s your turn, try to make your friends laugh by telling jokes, doing impressions or acting out awkward situations...all while wearing ridiculous wigs or props! With 3 game modes to play, everyone will be howling with laughter, even though you’re trying not to!

Levelhed Creative developed the complete branding and copywriting of the package and instructions to appeal to teen and adult demographics. With the popularity of bad joke videos on YouTube, LMAO was a perfect opportunity to offer that play pattern but with tons of jokes and action card options, not to mention, hilarious wigs and props to look even more ridiculous!

Laughing is
for Losers!

It’s important for game companies to create instructional videos that explain the rules of their product for a few reasons:

  • 1) It’s easier for consumers to understand the rules with visual cues and explanations.
  • 2) Online videos create a more entertaining game experience than just reading a paper instruction sheet.
  • 3) Increases traffic to product or brand’s YouTube page, increasing subscriber count and sales of other products.

Levelhed created the animated instructional video for LMAO including script, voiceover, storyboard, animation and music.