Just The Cheese

In the US consumer food snack industry, a good brand strategy from the beginning is crucial to success.

"Cheese is more fun with a CRUNCH"

Just The Cheese is a wisconsin-based company who were preparing to launch a new snack product unknown to the average American consumer. Baked cheese is a relatively new concept, so most consumers couldn’t imagine the taste experience. For this reason, Just The Cheese hired Levelhed Creative to develop the new website’s brand strategy and copywriting.

We wrote the copywriting to appeal to middle-aged family-oriented women in the USA with highlights on the snack-friendly, low-carb product features and fantastic taste and crunch.

After delivering the copywriting for their successful website launch, they brought us back to develop the branding strategy for their newest product: Just The Cheese Minis.

"Just the Cheese is more than just a name, it’s a declaration."
"Baked Wisconsin cheddar cheese, no other ingredients required"

Just The Cheese is now a major player in the baked cheese snack category and can be found in multiple retailers around the country, as well as their online store.


Levelhed Creative was a great agency to work with for the rebranding project of Just The Cheese. Not only were they patient us throughout the entire process, they were able to offer suggestions and insights from a digital marketing perspective as well. I highly recommended Levelhed Creative and we look forward to working with them again in the near future.

Mandy Cai, Founder/Creative Director

Just The Cheese