Every Day Play

Every Day Play is a line of skill and fidget toys that launched just before the fidget hammer fell in Summer 2017.

The website was launched that featured all of the products from the line of skill toys and called it EDP (#EveryDayPlay). Levelhed developed the content for the website, making sure to highlight the play patterns of all the products and include tons of embedded video content.

Levelhed Creative was brought on to assist with the entire brand launch including TV/digital scripts, product taglines/headlines/descriptions, and website copy.

Levelhed also filmed and produced lots of the digital ad content used in the Youtube marketing campaigns. Check out one of our sizzles below.

EDP has since become one of the most successful skill toy lines in major US retailers, already outselling evergreen products like Yo-Yo’s, Rubiks Cubes, Kendamas and Hacky Sacks.