Air Storm

Air Storm is a high performance bow and arrow blaster line that can shoot foam arrows an unbelievable 145 feet, far exceeding competitors’ distances.

The primary goal of this campaign was to rebrand the foam bow and arrow blasters to a 14+ age range to compete with Nerf’s new line of 14+ gun blasters called Rival. This category had recently exploded among teen boys and the client needed to address their brand strategy and language to appeal to this older demographic instead of their traditional 6-10 age range.

Levelhed Creative analyzed the copywriting tones of all major competitors and after significant research, concluded that the best message to convey was the story of the battlefield.

The key feature of this branding campaign was to differentiate this brand from all other blasters. Luckily, the bow and arrow gave us an advantage over other gun replicas, and we highlighted that with our core message at the end of every product description:

In addition to the rebranding, we launched a series of Vine videos to appeal to this target demo, which while hilarious, also highlighted the power of the product that was not attainable with a Nerf gun.

This rebranding campaign allowed the Air Storm line to reach a whole new demographic of customers and became a primary competitor to Nerf Rival in major retailers including Walmart and Target.